School is in full swing and there have been many opportunities for HES Swathers to show their great character!

October brings Red Ribbon Week and the chance to focus on making healthy choices.   

To celebrate Red Ribbon Week, we are working together to collect canned goods for the Hesston Resource Center. I am impressed with generosity of our students and their families to support this wonderful resource in our community.   

HES students have also been busy practicing our pillars of respect, responsibility and integrity every day! I am privileged to teach all students in the wheel several times each month. Our lessons have centered around the Seven Habits of Happy Kids.   It is important to be mindful of what characters traits we are practicing. How we treat each other each day becomes a habit that will last a lifetime. The Seven Habits teach kids to focus on forming positive habits that will produce positive relationships.  

Conflict is something that happens in every relationship.  My goal is to give your child tools to help them be able to solve conflicts in a positive, proactive way.  Here are the steps that I am using to help students talk to each other in a respectful way while solving a conflict.  These are steps you can use at home as well!

  1. Cool off - Before you can problem solve, you need to be calm.  This means it is important to pause, take some deep breaths or a walk before engaging in a conversation with the other person.

  2. Share, Listen, Check - Share what you think happened using an “I” message: I feel_________when___________because____________.  Listen closely as the person sharing talks so that you can check understanding by rephrasing what the person said: “I heard you say you feel…”

  3. Take Responsibility - Usually both people involved in a conflict have some degree of responsibility.

  4. Brainstorm Solutions - Think of ideas that are win-win

  5. Choose a Solution - What solution is likely to keep the conflict from happening again?

  6. Affirm, Forgive, or Thank - End the conversation with kinds words. You can say “Thanks for talking this out with me.”

(adapted from Social Emotional Workshop, 2017)

If you have any questions or would like to visit with me about your child, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I am here to support teaching and learning and HES, and communication about student needs is my highest priority! You can reach me at 620-327-7102 ext. 4004 or through my email: