Q & A

What time does school officially start?
The school bell rings at 8:00 am every day.

What time is dismissal?
Bus students are dismissed at 3:05 pm, all other students are dismissed at 3:10 pm.

What happens when my child is tardy?
If a student comes to class after 8:00 am their teacher will send them to the office for an orange "tardy slip". If your student accumulates 3 un-excused tardies you will receive a letter from Mrs. Krehbiel. If a student accumulates 6 un-excused tardies a meeting will be scheduled between you and Mrs. Krehbiel to try to figure out what needs to be done differently to get your student to class on time. Attendance is recorded by Mrs. Stoppel. Questions? Please email lisa.stoppel@usd460.org.

My child won't be be at school, what should I do?
Please let the office know of any planned absences. Sick children can be called in as soon as you determine they won't be coming in. If we don't know where your student is by 9:00 am you will get a phone call from the front office staff. It's not that we don't trust our parents...we just love your students enough to want to make sure they are safe.

If my child needs medication at school, what should I do?
We strongly suggest you let the office staff or Nurse Tammi know of ANY medication you send to school with your child. For over-the-counter medicines (ie. cough drops) please send a note with your child and ask they keep the medicine in the nurse's office where they can come get it as needed. Prescription medications that need to be given at school must be brought in by the parent and a "Request for Medication to be Administered at School" form must be filled out.

How do I get my 32-digit activation code to access the Parent Portal?
For questions on activation the Parent Portal please email Mrs. Stoppel, lisa.stoppel@usd460.org. Once you have your activation code click on "Infinite Campus Parent Portal" on the home page.

What do I do if I need to change my child's after school plans?
We realize plans can change during the school day. If possible, please call the school BEFORE 2:45 that afternoon. Any calls received after 2:45 may not reach the classroom.

My child wants to ride the bus home with their friend...
If your student does not normally ride the bus they MUST have a note from their parent to hand the bus driver before being allowed to ride. If your student normally rides the bus but you want them to be dropped off at a different bus stop you must call the bus barn (620-327-7159) in advance or provide a note for the bus driver.

What do I do if I want to have lunch with my child?
Our students love having guests for lunch. On the day you plan to eat please call the office BEFORE 8:30 am so that we can add you to our lunch count. We do not serve seconds at the Elementary School which makes it extremely important that we have counted EVERYONE that intends to eat that day. Upon arrival please stop in the office for a Visitor pass, then you can continue on to the lunchroom where you will pay $3.75 per tray in the lunch line.