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Ty Rhodes

Ty Rhodes, 9 days ago

As we move back into our hybrid schedule, a reminder to all HHS students and parents that tomorrow, Mon Oct 12, is a RED DAY! Morning and afternoon groups will each have class periods 1, 3, 5, and 7.

Ty Rhodes

Ty Rhodes, 19 days ago

Great article about Senior Madlyn Dages and the mural she designed for the HHS Art room patio!

Ty Rhodes

Ty Rhodes, 26 days ago

Click below for a video update from Mr. Rhodes...daily schedule for GREEN, lunch info, & Pep Band brag. This, along with other info, will also be emailed to all HHS parents tomorrow.

Ty Rhodes

Ty Rhodes, 27 days ago

HHS Parents and Students: See the attached image for the adjust "Black" Day schedule for this Friday, Sept 25.

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