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Greg Heinrichs

Greg Heinrichs, 5 days ago

Aside from a few odds and ends and 8th Grade Promotion on June 15, our school year has come to an end. We know it feels very different this year than in the past. We are sharing in those different emotions. One thing is certain - our staff so much appreciates the work of our students and families in these difficult times. Turning HMS from a brick and mortar school into a virtual one in about a week was not ideal or perfect, but could not have been accomplished without your help and support and understanding. Thank you for that! Have an awesome summer. We hope to see you soon!!!

Greg Heinrichs

Greg Heinrichs, 8 days ago

Congratulations to HMS 8th Graders!!! Check out our Promotion Video to honor them!

Greg Heinrichs

Greg Heinrichs, 9 days ago

Remember Thursday is the day to return school items back to us...computers, track sweats, library books, band instruments, textbooks, etc.

8:00-9:00 for 8th graders
9:00-10:00 for 7th graders
10:00-11:00 for 6th graders
11:00-12:00 for 5th graders
12:00-1:00 for anyone

Greg Heinrichs

Greg Heinrichs, 13 days ago

Check out the HMS virtual art show at 8:00 tonight!

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